General Manager Infrastructure And Utilities

Central Highlands Regional Council

Emerald, QLD

Posted 2/23/2021



POSITION TITLE: General Manager Infrastructure and Utilities



REPORTS TO: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

DEPARTMENT: Infrastructure and Utilities

EXECUTIVE ROLE: This position is recognised as a component of Council’s

Executive Leadership Team


Our vision

A progressive region creating opportunities for all.

Our mission

We are a Council committed to continuous improvement, a sustainable future and efficient

investment in our communities.

Our values

  • Respect and integrity.
  • Accountability and transparency.
  • Providing value.
  • Commitment and teamwork.

To provide strategic leadership to the Council's Department of Infrastructure and Utilities in the pursuit
of the Council’s Vision through the Department’s response to the Council’s Strategic and Operational

To ensure through the strategic leadership of the Department’s management and operational teams
the provision of quality professional advice to Council in policy and decision making, resulting in a
strong and trusting relationships between the Department and the Council.

To lead the Department in developing a positive workplace culture that encourages and rewards
excellence and supports continuous improvement in service to customers and the community.

To lead the implementation of such aspects of Council’s strategic plans, operational plans, budgets,
policies and programs as fall within the Department’s responsibilities in a manner as to achieve high
performance against expected outcomes.

To work collaboratively with the CEO and other members of the Executive Leadership Team to
ensure the successful integration of strategic planning across the organisation and to engender a
spirit of cooperation and mutual support between operational areas in the pursuit of service



The functions of the Department under the leadership of the General Manager include but are not

confined to:
General Manager
Infrastructure &



Development & Infrastructure Water Utilities Flood Mitigation

Contract Delivery

Planning & Road Planning &
Design Construction Compliance

Project Delivery Network




1. Service Delivery:
  • Holds overall responsibility for the successful delivery and operation of the
infrastructure and utilities department

  • Prepare and review departmental budgets and annual operational plans to
underpin the Council’s overall Corporate Plan and financial strategy

  • Oversee the delivery of on time and on budget projects, managing delivery in a
complex and dynamic operating environment and ensuring all stakeholders are
consulted and informed


  • Develop and implement operational policies and procedures for Department
programs and services, including advice and recommendations to the Chief
Executive Officer and the Executive Leadership Team that are consistent with
Council’s local laws, corporate policies and procedures

  • Develop processes for the measurement and regular reporting of the department’s
performance against key performance indicators and benchmarks, including
contribution to the compilation of the Council’s annual report and other statutory

  • Develop, review and maintain a governance program for the department, including
systems to ensure the management of risk and compliance are within statutory

2. Stakeholder Engagement:
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships to drive performance with internal
and external stakeholders

  • Represent Council on advisory committees, hearings or other relevant functions or
meetings conducted by relevant industry bodies or communities.

  • Participate and positively contribute as a member of the Executive Leadership

  • Collaborate cross functionally in the delivery of Council’s short, medium and long-
term delivery plans to understand internal and external stakeholder requirements,
optimise the business cases, and balance competing needs and interests

3. Technical Skills and Expertise:
  • Ability to understand, interpret, administer, and comply with relevant Council
policies and relevant legislation applicable to the functions within local government
infrastructure and utilities activities.

4. Information Delivery.

  • Deliver high quality reports, delivering presentations, developing policies, and
networking at key events

  • Provide regular updates on departmental financial performance as required for
Council general meetings.

5. People Management.

  • Provide leadership and direction to staff across multi-disciplinary teams on the
Council vision, values and behaviours

  • Ensure departmental staff are knowledgeable about Council’s strategic and
operational goals, objectives and key performance requirements

  • Lead, motivate, develop, and empower departmental Managers and their teams to
achieve organisational goals, and provide a framework for accountability and

  • Contribute to the overall culture of the organisation by making positive contributions
to enhance employee job satisfaction

  • Promote a safety culture and practices with all stakeholders and
demonstrate personal commitment and leadership of the Council’s safety
values and behaviours


6. Strategic Planning:
  • Develop and implement strategic plans across the department to underpin the
Council’s objectives and long-term goals for the community and corporate plans

  • Work collaboratively with the CEO and members of the Executive Leadership
Team to develop and implement corporate strategy and participate as a team
member of various working groups established to define strategic plans to guide
the organisation

  • Develop continuous improvement strategies and targets for all teams and provide
support and training as required

Additionally you may be required to conduct other duties as lawfully directed by the CEO.


  • Demonstrated business and leadership skills and experience across a multi-functional
department to be effective in the key responsibilities of this position.

  • Demonstrated experience within a state or local government environment would be
advantageous including:
o Prior knowledge of local government administrative systems and processes.
o Detailed knowledge of legislation and standards relevant to local government.


  • Tertiary qualifications in a relevant discipline of Civil Engineering, Business or significant
demonstrated Management experience in successfully leading a multi-discipline

departments including infrastructure and/or utilities.

  • Minimum of Queensland C class provisional driver’s license.
  • Certificate IV WHS (or equivalent) or willing to undertake within 12 months of

  • Relevant post graduate qualifications
  • Project Management qualifications


1. Tertiary Qualifications in Civil Engineering Business, Project Management or in a
relevant field and/or coupled with significant experience in a similar leadership role is

2. Demonstrated engaged leadership skills with the ability to drive positive work practices
across multi-faceted teams.

3. A proven ability to communicate, negotiate and consult at appropriate levels within the
council, community and private sector.

4. Self-motivated with the ability to work across multiple business
units, projects and priorities simultaneously.

5. Demonstrated high level of written and verbal communication skills coupled
with exceptional presentation skills to a wide range of stakeholders.

6. Demonstrated accountability of developing strategic plans and departmental budgets in
order to deliver associated operational and project plans.


1. Commitment to Council’s vision, mission and values.

2. Compliance with Council’s code of conduct.

3. Adherence to all relevant Council policies and procedures, your contract of employment

and relevant legislation, including the Local Government Act, 2009 and Work Health and

Safety Act, 2011.

4. Commitment and adherence to Council’s customer service charter.
5. Compliance with all relevant and necessary pre-employment checks required for this role.
6. Commitment to Council’s corporate plan.

7. Commitment to equal employment opportunity, diversity and merit principles.

8. Commitment to ensuring a workplace free from bullying harassment and discrimination.

9. Efficient and effective utilisation of resources as allocated under the level of responsibility

for the position.

10. Commitment to change management.


To be appointed to a permanent position, you must be an Australian citizen, or have permanent

residency status, or a visa permitting you to work in Australia permanently. If you have a visa

permitting you to work temporarily in Australia, you may be appointed to a temporary or casual

position, providing the work complies with the conditions of your visa.

The pre-employment checks relevant to this position include:
  • Right to work in Australia.
  • Medical assessment including drug & alcohol testing.
  • Criminal history check.
  • Qualification check.
  • Reference checks.


Competency Definition Level

Delivering Results Having the ability to set objectives for yourself and others, taking

a forward looking perspective, and delivering successful 4

outcomes within agreed parameters.

Communication Identifying and using appropriate communication styles and

methods, taking into consideration the audience and the desired

outcome. Building and maintaining effective working

relationships with key stakeholders, both internal and external.

Initiative and Anticipating situations and problems, finding appropriate

innovation solutions, grasping opportunities for improvements and taking

ownership for continuous improvement that goes above and

beyond the call of duty.

Flexibility Being able to adapt your thinking and behaviour to suit different

situations and changing circumstances. Taking other people’s

views on board, accepting new and different ways of working

and encouraging others to embrace change.

Teamwork Having the ability to work as part of a team, actively encouraging

team working and recognising the role you play as part of the 4

Council team.

Commitment to Being willing and able to align your own behaviours with the

Council objectives, goals and values of Council; acting as a role model 4

and promoting the values to others.

Customer service Aligning your behaviour with the customer service charter to

ensure both internal and external customer needs are met;

taking a positive attitude, showing commitment and having a can

do approach.

Workplace Health & Taking reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and

Safety others, complying with reasonable instruction and co-operating 4

with Council policy and procedure.

A copy of the Competency Handbook is available on the Central Highlands Regional Council

website under ‘Careers with Council’.


1. This is a description of the job as it is presently constituted. Council will regularly review

position descriptions and appropriately update them to ensure that they relate to the job

being performed, or to incorporate whatever changes are being proposed. Where

appropriate, employees will be consulted on the changes and employees are expected to

participate in consultation.

2. Whilst employment is in the position described in this document it is understood that

employment is with Central Highlands Regional Council. In the event of organisational


change or restructure, Council may require employees to undertake other roles for which

they are qualified and capable of performing.

3. Employees may be required to undertake a variety of duties not related to their substantive

role in the times of disaster or significant exceptional operational circumstances.

4. All employees are responsible for making and keeping records in accordance with

legislation, information standards and other relevant guidelines and procedures.

5. Failure to maintain any licence or qualification, which are a condition of your employment,

may result in demotion or termination as Council is unable to guarantee your transfer to a

position not requiring said licence/qualification.

Please sign below if you have read, understood and accepted the responsibilities of this

position as outlined in this position description.


Signature Date


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