Building a Case for Freight Upgrades in the Central Highlands

Posted: 28th May

A freight survey has opened today to investigate the feasibility of future road and rail upgrades in the Central Highlands to improve supply chain efficiencies.

The survey will be open at for three weeks until 5 June 2020.

It is designed for all types of business across the agriculture, mining, civil and retail sectors, and all sizes of freight tasks.

The Central Highlands Development Corporation (CHDC) is conducting the survey in conjunction with Central Highlands Regional Council (CHRC) and CQ Inland Port (CQIP).

“Information gleaned from this investigation will enable all government levels to invest in the right areas and build on previous investments,” CQIP Managing Director Alan Stent Smith says.

“This will lead to a reduction in supply chain costs to the benefit of all local business, producers and industry.”

The survey is the next stage of ongoing collaborations between CHDC, CHRC and local business and industry to improve logistics connectivity for freight into and out of the Central Highlands.

Future road and rail upgrades will complement work done in 2017 on the Yamala feeder roads and recent funding announcements for upgrading the Carnarvon Highway; Dawson Highway and Dawson Developmental Road (Springsure – Tambo); and Gregory Highway and Gregory Developmental Road. 

“COVID-19 has again highlighted the potential for disruption to our freight and export channels,” Mayor and CHDC Board Chairman Kerry Hayes says.

“Completing water access and southern road access to the CQ Inland Port, and having it fully functioning as a distribution centre, is critical to ensuring regional business continuity and securing our future freight capability.”

CHDC will publish a public summary report of the survey results and will make a detailed report available to the community on request.

Information from the survey will be used to:

  • Assess the freight task to configure the most cost-effective and efficient rail freight opportunities to save businesses money.
  • Update and complement previous surveys that have led to improvements of road networks e.g. recently announced COVID-19 Funding for the Carnarvon Highway; Dawson Highway and Dawson Developmental Road (Springsure – Tambo); and Gregory Highway and Gregory Developmental Road.
  • Develop business cases for future road network improvements e.g. Yamala feeder roads.
  • Assist in further developments of the Yamala Enterprise area that includes CQIP; and
  • Future analysis of local supply chain influences.

For further information, contact CHDC Agribusiness Development Coordinator Liz Alexander or CHDC Business and Investment Attraction Manager Peter Dowling on (07) 4982 4386 or

Freight infrastructure at the fore with works nearing completion at CQ Inland Port.